Group Modular’s mix on Solid Steel

Special mix from Group Modular (Markey Funk and Mule Driver) on Ninja tune’s Solid Steel radio show.

Max Schreiber

We would like to introduce a new member in our los jubilee neighborhood:
Please welcome Max Schreiber.
We can try to describe Max’s music but there’s nothing like the real thing.
Here is Max’s soundcloud page where you can listen to his music.

MS-01 Schwarzze-Chayye (dark live jam) MS00 (Rebuild / Remake / Reshape, but not really remix for the lovely Sinister Sveta)

Mule Driver Live Recording

Past few months Mule Driver was busy playing numerous live shows.
Here is a recording of a live set from last December at Tichon, Haifa, IL.

[the recording has been removed, check Mule Driver’s soundcloud for other live sets]

(Photo by Eldad Menuchin)

Mule Driver on Soundcloud

(Not so) New soundcloud page for Mule Driver
where you can listen to Mule Driver’s new tracks