September 2013

5-9.9.2013 Space Sequencer, an interactive sound/space installation by Harel Schreiber (Mule Driver), will be presented at IL(L) Machine – Ars Campus Exhibition (part of Ars Electronica 2013)

5.9.2013 Mule Driver (live), Dina (DJ). Opening night for Ars Electronica 2013 at Stadtwerkstatt, Linz, Austria.

6.9.2013  Mule Driver (live), Dina (DJ) at Roter Krebs, Linz, Austria.

18.9.2013 The Models (Spark O and Mule Driver) opening live act for the Farthest South at Levontine 7, Tel Aviv (more details).

25.9.2013 Spark O and Mule Driver (DJ set) at the Shesek Bar, Tel Aviv.

26.9.2013 Dina and Mule Driver (DJ set) Shaul Tzemach (VJ) at AnnaLouLou Bar, Jaffa

The Missing Link

The missing link is a new project by artist Tal Adler.
Harel Schreiber (Mule Driver) composed the soundtrack for two of the works in the exhibition.
The exhibition took place in Likovni Salon, Celje, Slovenia during February 2011

Grandfather Ape

Text: Tal Adler
Voice: Karl Erwin Lichtenecker

Lovemarks (part of “Brutal Simplicity”):
Text: The LoveMarks Company
Voice: Zoe Gadsden, Recording: Marcus Carney

V789 Tat

Originally recorded to accompany Tatyana Luxembourg‘s exhibition of the same name, the V789 TAT album is a journey, a new approach to a different culture, gained by using Luxembourg’s typography of an unknown planet, the language of its inhabitants and their stories.