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Mule Driver related releases

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Mule Driver compilation appearance
Something from the Road - VA

The Models

The Models - Music is the WeaponThe Models - Live RecordingsThe Models - Live @ C.sides festival 2005


Mujahideen - MujahideenHuman Being - Mujahideen / Taapet / Remesh split cd

Group Modular

Mule Driver feat. Rocky B – Blue Mask

Poet / rapper Rocky B & electronic artist Mule Driver in their darkest production to date.
Single track CD-r packaged in hand printed, silk-screened cardboard sleeves.
Limited run of 51 copies.

mule driver – oyfen weig steit a boym

Music for the trailer of “Homeland” – a short film directed by Dani Rosenberg. Actor Itay Tiran sings “Oyfen Weig Steit a Boym” (off the road, a tree stands)  – a yiddish song written by Itzik Manger.


dj set: rolled up celluloid
rolled up celluloids

Recorded by Mule Driver for 106fm, Jerusalem. Featuring music from soundtracks by the following composers: David Kristian, Ennio Morricone, Jean Michel Jarre, Ishai Adar, Bruce Langhorne and more…


dj set: the iron chicken and the music trees
the iron chicken and the music trees - poster

In memorium of an English animator, puppeteer and writer, Oliver Postgate who was the creator of “Clangers” and other popular children’s TV programmes. This 3 hours set by Mule Driver was recorded at Uganda bar & record shop in Jerusalem.