Los- Jubilee
September 2013

5-9.9.2013 Space Sequencer, an interactive sound/space installation by Harel Schreiber (Mule Driver), will be presented at IL(L) Machine – Ars Campus Exhibition (part of Ars Electronica 2013)

5.9.2013 Mule Driver (live), Dina (DJ). Opening night for Ars Electronica 2013 at Stadtwerkstatt, Linz, Austria.

6.9.2013  Mule Driver (live), Dina (DJ) at Roter Krebs, Linz, Austria.

18.9.2013 The Models (Spark O and Mule Driver) opening live act for the Farthest South at Levontine 7, Tel Aviv (more details).

25.9.2013 Spark O and Mule Driver (DJ set) at the Shesek Bar, Tel Aviv.

26.9.2013 Dina and Mule Driver (DJ set) Shaul Tzemach (VJ) at AnnaLouLou Bar, Jaffa

August 2013

4.8.2013 Ak-Duck records on 106FM – Spark O and Mule Driver will talk about the Ak-Duck label days, followed by a short live session by Mule Driver

5.8.2013 Group Modular – LIVE at The Frontline week in Jerusalem, more details here and here.

7.8.2013 Ak-Duck records on Teder / Frontline pop-up radio. Spark O and Mule Driver will play music from the Ak-Duck Label, followed by Mule Driver live session. Listen here

7.8.2013 Spark O and Mule Driver open DJ set for DMX Krew at Uganda, Jerusalem. Closing set by Kalbata. More details here

16.8.2013 Disco Zimmer with Dina, Haim Vitali and Mule Driver at the Zimmer, Tel-Aviv

23.8.2013 PRIMATE ARENA analogue systems /w Alex Drool, Zax, mise_en_scene , Spark o, Mule Driver, Hanut (The Shop), Haaliya 31, Tel-Aviv

Mule Driver open for I-F

Mule Driver will open next Pacotek event at the Squat, featuring dj set by I-F (Intergalactic FM, Viewlexx) a very influential figure for Los Jubilee.

March 2013

8.3.2013 – Blondie, Ron Katzir, Mule Driver – Improvisation at the Zimmer, Tel Aviv

19.3.2013 – Tasha Correct and Mule Driver – DJ set at Shesek bar, Tel Aviv

30.3.2013 – The Zimmer birthday, Mujahideen and many more great acts. The Zimmer, Tel Aviv

Yesh Dub Remixes

2 remixes by Spark O and Mule Driver for Kinoro Shel Rothschild’s Yesh Dub. Contains samples from Yeshayahu Lelbowitz.

Group Modular’s mix on Solid Steel

Special mix from Group Modular (Markey Funk and Mule Driver) on Ninja tune’s Solid Steel radio show.

A few dates in February

8.2.2013 – Modular Group on Solid Steel
Special mix from Group Modular (Markey Funk and Mule Driver)
on Ninja tune’s Solid Steel, more details here. A link to the mix will be upload soon…

9.2.2013 – More Then Ever
with: Sneak-Thief (live, DE), Mule Driver,
Ksenya Fish (UK), Rob Dirton, Voloshin, Rozet
Solyanka club, Moscow
facebook event

15.2.2013 – Ak Duck night
Spark O, Mule Driver, Acute, Robocof
Uganda, Jerusalem

Maria Minerva – Live
Robocof, Nico Teen
Levontin 7, Tel Aviv

Sounds from Los Jubilee #08
Raash Hour radio

Out Now: Orlogin – In the Light of Your Presence

Without Music… Limited edition silkscreened poster

Limited edition silkscreened poster (only 47 prints)
of the famous Friedrich Nietzsche quote “Without music life would be a mistake”.
Size: 35cm x 50cm (13.7In x 19.6In). Heavy matte paper.
Available here.

A Few Dates in January

3.01.2013 – Sounds from Los Jubilee #6 on Raash Hour radio

4.01.2013 – Spark O and Mule Driver back to back DJ set at Anna Loulou bar, Jaffa.

8.01.2013 – Mule Driver, Sasha Rzset DJ set, Celebrine (Moscow) live (soundcloud.com/celebrine) at Radio EPGB, Tel Aviv.

21.01.2013 – Mujahideen live, opening DJ set by Spark O, at Uganda, Jerusalem.

21.01.2013 – Los Jubilee night at Raash Hour. Live shows by Dexon Faya and Robocof. Listen here or drop a visit to Eleni A-Mal’ka 5, Jerusalem.

*** Try to catch all shows on the 21st, it’s possible 🙂

Sounds from Los Jubilee

Mule Driver has a monthly radio show called Sounds from Los Jubilee on “Raash Hour radio”.
Old shows available here.
Listen on line to Raash Hour radio website: www.raash-hour.com.

Ak Duck Records digital archive


Ak Duck records Co founded by Harel Schreiber (Mule Driver), Itamar Weiner (Spark O) and Ariel Tagar (Kalbata) in 2002.
Over the years, more than 30 releases have been released. After a few years off the radar, an archive website, including all of Ak Duck’s releases and related visual materials is launched.
check it out: www.ak-duck.com 

On December 27th, Ak Duck Records will celebrate 10 years since the first release, at the Shesek bar in Tel Aviv, with DJ sets and live shows from Spark O, Kalbata, Digital_Me and Mule Driver.


The Mystery of Mordy Laye and the Group Modular on DJ’s Food favorites list

The Mystery of Mordy Laye and the Group Modular on DJ’s Food favorites list

here it is: http://www.djfood.org/djfood/2012-food-favourite-lists

Mordy Laye’s tracks in DJ Food’s mix on Solid Steel

Out now: The Mystery of Mordy Laye and the Group Modular
Mordy Laye

A joint production of Mule Driver and Markey Funk, based on mysterious recordings from the late 70′s.
Released on October 2012 by Audio Montage, available on vinyl via Kudos, Juno and many other shops, as well as digital.

From the cover:
It was late May 2009 when I was awakened by a phone call from an unidentified number. A man, who didn’t introduce himself, said that he has some rare music material that may interest me. An hour later, he picked me up from home and took me to what seemed to be his house in Tzur Hadassah, a small town near Jerusalem.

On the way he told me a story about a band that used to practice at his neighbour’s house back in the late 1970′s. They rehearsed almost every day for nearly two years, but they had never performed on stage. A few years later, when the house had been sold to someone else, a box of magnetic tapes was found in the basement. My mysterious stranger (who still refused to reveal his identity) had taken these tapes to his place, where he discovered that these were raw unfinished 8-track recordings of some rather extraordinary music, inspired by European library and electronic composers of its time.

When we arrived at his house, he took me to the cabinet and showed me the box with the name “Mordy Laye” written on it. I asked if he was going to give me the tapes. “No,” he replied, “I’ll give you these recordings in digital format. I’ve made a copy of each channel separately. And you will make an album out of all this material. I like your style and your dedication to the 60′s and 70′s sound and I think I’m putting Mordy’s music in the right hands”. When I pressed him for more details on the band and the recordings, he only said, “Give me your flash drive – I’ll make a copy for you”. In 7 minutes we were already on our way back.

Back home I realized that I had forgotten to get his phone number. I had no pictures of either him or the box of tapes; I didn’t even know his name. I knew how his house looked like, but later, when I tried to find him in Tzur Hadassah, my friend and I spent 3 hours searching across the entire area to no avail. Curiously, nothing looked familiar. All I had now were Mordy’s raw recordings from 30-odd years ago- and a mission.

What you’re now holding is a result of collaboration between Mule
Driver and me. We fell in love with Mordy’s music from the first hearing and did our best to fulfill his vision. We couldn’t find any information about him, so this record is probably our last chance. We hope that the man, who once called himself Mordy Laye, will hear this record, based on his music, and reach out to us.

Out now: Robocof


Mule Driver Dates in Berlin

Friday 10.08.2012 23:00
Mule Driver  (live)
X.A.Cute (live)

at Bassment Oberbaum straße 11, Kreuzeberg, Berlin
(facebook event)


Saturday 11.08.2012 from 21:00

at studio of Kunstfabrik (close to Arena Badeschiff)
Kreuzberg, Berlin.


Saturday 18.08.2012
Mule Driver (live)
more details soon…

at O Tannenbaum.


Mujahideen – Live | 17.5.12

Mujahideen will play live show along side Ed Turner and Bela Tar at Uganda’s (pre) Birthday party.
DJ sets by Itamar and Ola.

17.5.12,  21:00, Uganda, Jerusalem

Mule Driver Live 19.4.2012

Mule Driver live show, before and after DJ set by Dina
at Anna Loulou bar in Jaffa.

Yuppies with Jeeps remixes compilation
includes Dexon Faya and Mule Driver

Yuppies with Jeeps remixes compilation is available for free download here.
The compilation includes Los Jubilee’s artists: Dexon Faya, Mule Driver and
Max Schreiber along side other great musicians, such as Kinoro Shel Rotschild,
Binjah, Finkelstein, Markey Funk and more.