Mujahideen – Live | 17.5.12

Mujahideen will play live show along side Ed Turner and Bela Tar at Uganda’s (pre) Birthday party.
DJ sets by Itamar and Ola.

17.5.12,  21:00, Uganda, Jerusalem

Mule Driver Live 19.4.2012

Mule Driver live show, before and after DJ set by Dina
at Anna Loulou bar in Jaffa.

Dexon Faya and Mule Driver – Live

Dexon Faya and Mule Driver will play live sets on the 11.4.2012
at the Zimmer, Tel Aviv.

Few Dates
mule driver live 19.12.2011

Monday 19.12.2011
Mule Driver will play live set at Michatronix, Tel-Aviv.

Friday 23.12.2011
Mule Driver will DJ at Uganda Tel-Aviv

Sunday 25.12.2011
Mujahideen and many more live acts @ Jerusalem Attack
Leo Model, Gerard Bechar Center, Jerusalem.


Thuresday 29.12.2011
Mule Driver will play live set at The Sira, Jerusalem.
along side Dina (DJ Set) and VJ Nomad (visuals)

Saturday 31.12.2011
Bnei Hama – live
Mule Driver – live
at Uganda Jerusalem .


Meth & Soda | Tuesday 7.6.2011

Mule Driver (live), Crystal Babez (live) and Dina (DJ set) at Soda bar, Tel Aviv.

Taapethic Release Party | friday 20.5.11

TaaPet, one of Los Jubilee’s favorite duos, are releasing a new album – Taapetic.
The TaaPet live set will be followed by Mule Driver and  Sugapusher’s DJ sets.

friday 20.5.11, 13:00
@ Uganda TLV. 4 Bait HaBad st. Tel Aviv.

Mule Driver – Live | Friday 07.05.2011

Mule Driver will play live set at The Sira, Jerusalem.
along side Dina (DJ Set) and VJ Nomad (visuals)

Friday 07.05.2011

The Models – Special spring 2011 reunion

The Models (Mule Driver, Spark O and DJ Caress) are back for 2 live sessions, after 3 years of silence.

22.4.2011 21:00 at Uganda, Jerusalem
23.4.2011 21:00 at Uganda, Tel Aviv
open act: Robocof

About the Models:
Mule Driver and Spark O began their musical cooperation as the Models around 2001. During the years they develop a unique style of live electronic improvisation, using only analogue gear.
DJ caress (Nitai Schendar) joined the models around 2006, adding new dimension with his MPC sampler.  The trio played numerous live sets, and released 3 albums (listen here).


Max Schreiber, Maya Danon | Friday 29.4.11 14:00

Friday 29.4.11 14:00 | Max Schreiber & Maya Danon
Uganda TLV, Beit HaBad st. 5, Tel Aviv.

Listen to Max Schreiber
Listen to Maya Danon

Tasha Correct & Mule Driver – DJ set | Saturday 16.4.11

Saturday 16.4.11

Tasha Correct &  Mule Driver

DJ set Shesek

Lilinblum st. 17, Tel Aviv