June 2015

Mule Driver remix for Tropikal Camel’s (aka Rocky B) Evil Eye, released as part of his new album Eretz on Shouka download

12.06.2015 a special Mujahideen Sound System show (with Piro & Blondie) followed by Mule Driver Live and many more – A benefit for the Zimmer TLV (FB Event)
18.06.2015 Mule Driver (DJ set) at Uganda Tel Aviv
25.06.2015 Mule Driver (live) at Evil Gabirol, Tahat, Tel Aviv

March 2013

8.3.2013 – Blondie, Ron Katzir, Mule Driver – Improvisation at the Zimmer, Tel Aviv

19.3.2013 – Tasha Correct and Mule Driver – DJ set at Shesek bar, Tel Aviv

30.3.2013 – The Zimmer birthday, Mujahideen and many more great acts. The Zimmer, Tel Aviv

Out Now: Orlogin – In the Light of Your Presence

Without Music… Limited edition silkscreened poster

Limited edition silkscreened poster (only 47 prints)
of the famous Friedrich Nietzsche quote “Without music life would be a mistake”.
Size: 35cm x 50cm (13.7In x 19.6In). Heavy matte paper.
Available here.

A Few Dates in January

3.01.2013 – Sounds from Los Jubilee #6 on Raash Hour radio

4.01.2013 – Spark O and Mule Driver back to back DJ set at Anna Loulou bar, Jaffa.

8.01.2013 – Mule Driver, Sasha Rzset DJ set, Celebrine (Moscow) live (soundcloud.com/celebrine) at Radio EPGB, Tel Aviv.

21.01.2013 – Mujahideen live, opening DJ set by Spark O, at Uganda, Jerusalem.

21.01.2013 – Los Jubilee night at Raash Hour. Live shows by Dexon Faya and Robocof. Listen here or drop a visit to Eleni A-Mal’ka 5, Jerusalem.

*** Try to catch all shows on the 21st, it’s possible 🙂

Sounds from Los Jubilee

Mule Driver has a monthly radio show called Sounds from Los Jubilee on “Raash Hour radio”.
Old shows available here.
Listen on line to Raash Hour radio website: www.raash-hour.com.

Out now: Robocof


New Release:
Shefa Shefa (wealth) – Various Artists
Shefa Shefa (wealth) - VA

New Release:
Sage – Dexon Faya

New Release:
Common Swifts – Mule Driver


Max Schreiber

We would like to introduce a new member in our los jubilee neighborhood:
Please welcome Max Schreiber.
We can try to describe Max’s music but there’s nothing like the real thing.
Here is Max’s soundcloud page where you can listen to his music.

MS-01 Schwarzze-Chayye (dark live jam) MS00 (Rebuild / Remake / Reshape, but not really remix for the lovely Sinister Sveta)

Drive All Night and Deliver
Drive All night and Deliver

A remixes compilation covering Mule Driver’s work during the years 2003-2009
packaged in hand made, silk-screened cardboard sleeve.

V789 Tat

Originally recorded to accompany Tatyana Luxembourg‘s exhibition of the same name, the V789 TAT album is a journey, a new approach to a different culture, gained by using Luxembourg’s typography of an unknown planet, the language of its inhabitants and their stories.

Mule Driver feat. Rocky B – Blue Mask

Poet / rapper Rocky B & electronic artist Mule Driver in their darkest production to date.
Single track CD-r packaged in hand printed, silk-screened cardboard sleeves.
Limited run of 51 copies.